Acnelan combines an intensive clinical treatment for professional use which offers a multifactorial approach to the treatment of acne, congestions and seborrheic skin with a home care treatment comprising of a complete range of products which targets the triggers of Acne and prevents a recurrence after the clinic treatment is complete.

Benefit’s of Acnelan Treatment

  • Effective in reducing active acne
  • Prevents the formation of new acne
  • Maintain a healthy balance to the skin
  • Clears blocked pores
  • Removes impurities
  • Improves overall skin texture

How is the Treatment Performed?

On the day of your first treatment we will provide a thorough consultation including full medical history and any current medications being used. Your face will be cleansed and prepared for us to take you’re before photo’s using our Reveal 3D imager.

Acnelan treatment involves a three stage process. The first stage involves a multifactor mask which will deeply cleanse the skin. The mask contains a unique blend of active ingredient’s which will work to remove excess oil and bacteria, decrease inflammation and gently exfoliate the skin. Following application the mask will be neautralised with a post peel spray, which will soften the mask and soothe and balance the skin. Following this a pore sealing protection will be applied to tighten the pores and to prolong the effect of the Acnelan treatment.

The Acnelan treatment plan contains three treatment sessions at 15-21 day intervals to ensure all bacteria beneath the surface is cleared.

If you would like more information or to see if it’s a suitable treatment for you please contact us to book a consultation with one of our expert Skin Therapist’s

What to Expect Post Treatment

Following the treatment there may be a mild warm sensation, some redness and irritation. The skin will peel over the next 3-5 days, revealing smoother, clear skin. Individual results may vary and it is important to complete the prescribed program to ensure optimal results.

Ready to get started?

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