A World Renown DNA test for prevention of Skin Aging 

SkinDNA™ takes the guesswork out of skin care instead using science to identify the most suitable skin ingredients and treatment modalities based on your DNA. The  revolutionary DNA laboratory test examines 16 genetic markers (SNPs) in 5 categories associated with skin ageing.

Firmness & Elasticity 

Are you genetically predisposed to premature wrinkling?

Wrinkling (Glycation)

Glycation affects collagen and elastin and creates accelerated skin ageing.

Sun Damage & Pigmentation 

How well can your skin naturally cope under the strains of the sun?

Free Radical Damage

Are you genetically protected against Free Radical vulnerabilities?

Skin Sensitivity

How well are your genes protecting you against irritation?

The SkinDNA™ test takes just two minutes and three simple, easy steps.

  1. Collect: A swab from the inside your cheek will be collected and sent to the accredited SkinDNA™ lab for analysis
  2. Diagnose: Within 7 days you will receive a comprehensive SkinDNA™ Report, analysed and explained by an NSC Skin Expert, that ranks each genetic marker low, medium or high risk. From these results a customised skin health plan, combining product, supplements and modalities will be created
  3. Prescribe: Using the results from the SkinDNA™ Test our NSC Skin Expert is able to confidentially recommend an appropriate routine to prevent and correct skin concerns and preserve a more youthful looking skin.


Ready to get started?

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