At Naturaliste Skin Clinic, our team use cosmetic injectables made specifically to address any concerns or skin insecurities you may have and help you rediscover confidence in your skin and your appearance.

Cosmetic injectables & treatments at Naturaliste Skin Clinic

Anti-wrinkle injections and wrinkle relaxer treatments

Cosmetic injectables are a treatment for wrinkles and anti-aging that helps lift, fill and smooth away signs of ageing.

We offer anti-wrinkle injections and wrinkle relaxer treatments to soften your smile and forehead lines, reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, treat shallow acne scarring and decrease sagging near the corners of your mouth.


The benefits of our anti-wrinkle cosmetic injectables


  • Smooth out the laugh and frown lines
  • Reduce forehead lines and bunny lines (lines around the nose)
  • Lift brows
  • Smooth chin dimples
  • Firm up and reduce upper lip lines
  • Soften jawlines
  • Decrease gummy smiles

Dermal fillers


Dermal fillers are cosmetic injectables for restoring youthful contours and minimising wrinkles by restoring volume and improving firmness in areas of concern.

At Naturaliste Skin Clinic, we offer dermal filler cosmetic injectables to smooth lines and wrinkles, reduce sagging, enhance your desired facial features, and restore firmness.

The benefits of our dermal fillers


  • Decrease lines between the nose and mouth
  • Address lines on the upper lips
  • Treat the appearance of acne scars
  • Add volume and fullness to lips and chin
  • Get rid of marionette lines (lines running down from the corners of the mouth that make people look unhappy, tired or angry)
  • Restore natural cheek contours
  • Add height and definition to cheekbones
  • Smooth jowl depressions
  • Improve volume beneath the eyes to address sagging

Lip fillers for fuller lips


Lip fillers help create those gorgeous full lips and that beautiful shape you’ve always wanted.

For full lips, we use NSC dermal or lip filler cosmetic injectables to plump up your lips, give you a luscious pout and add volume to your lip line to enhance your natural look.

The benefits of our lip filler treatments


  • Restore or add fullness to lips
  • Refine and soften lines, wrinkles and folds
  • Improve facial symmetry and balance
  • Add shape and volume to lip lines

Cosmetic injectables to dissolve your double chin


Cosmetic injectable treatments for double chins help dissolve excess chin fat (submental fat) with non-surgical treatments or downtime.

Our individually-tailored cosmetic injectables for double chins dissolve submental (under the chin) fat and work to redefine your jawline.

The benefits of our non-surgical treatment for double chins

  • Reduce submental fat
  • Redefine or add definition to jawlines
  • Remove double chin without surgery

Hyperhidrosis treatment


Cosmetic injectables are an effective way to successfully treat hyperhidrosis, a medical condition that causes excessive sweating.

At Naturaliste Skin Clinic, our hyperhidrosis treatment includes using wrinkle relaxer injections to block nerve impulses and ensure sweat glands are inactive in specific areas of concern.

The benefits of our hyperhidrosis treatments


  • Reduce excess sweating for up to 9-months
  • Prevent worry and embarrassment associated with sweat production
  • Minimal to no downtime after the procedure

PDO threadlift


A PDO threadlift treatment uses PDO threads (absorbable suture threads) injected into the skin in a mesh pattern to promote the natural production of collagen.

Our PDO threadlift treatments are cosmetic injectables that provide lift, activate collagen synthesis, and gradually thicken and rejuvenate the skin.

The benefits of our PDO threadlifts


  • Add fullness to upper and lower cheeks
  • Rejuvenate forehead and brows
  • Define and smooth neck and jawline
  • Decrease marionette lines
  • Tighten skin on the arms, buttocks and abdomen

Skin booster treatments


Skin booster cosmetic injectables are for more superficial skin concerns and work to improve your skin’s appearance and create a healthy, radiant glow.

The Naturaliste Skin Clinic skin booster treatment uses cosmetic injectables to provide skin with deep hydration, improve elasticity, and smooth the skin on the face, neck, hands and décolletage. Our injectable treatment also helps protect skin from free radicals.

The benefits of our skin booster treatments:


  • Improve the overall skin quality and radiance
  • Plumps and hydrates skin
  • Reduces the appearance of acne scarring
  • Hydrate dry or rough skin
  • Treat sagging and loss of volume
  • Decreases fine lines
  • Improves complexion

Why you should choose Naturaliste Skin Clinic

18-years of experience
As an established clinic in South West Australia for over 18-years, our local doctors and nurses can provide you with priceless industry expertise and knowledge to help guide you in your treatment decisions and plans or address any of your concerns or queries.

Dedicated professional doctors and nurses
At our clinics in Busselton and Bunbury are teams of registered doctors, nurses and skin therapists dedicated to empowering and inspiring your aesthetic journey.

Competitive pricing
NSC clinics provide competitive and affordable pricing to help you rediscover confidence in your skin. Thanks to our valued industry relationships, we can offer the benefits of affordable and highly competitive prices to our loyal customers.

Why our clients prefer Naturaliste Skin Clinic


  • A number of our non-surgical procedures don’t require any anaesthesia
  • Our treatments are quick, effective and long-lasting
  • Qualified nurses and doctors with medical certifications and training carry out treatments
  • We provide numbing to make procedures as pain-free as possible
  • Most treatments require very little to no recovery time or downtime

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